Sis. Lizzie Sweat – How One Woman Fought Cancer & Inspires Others

Sis. Lizzie Sweat – How One Woman Fought Cancer & Inspires Others

It was the auxiliary night at Pleasant Grove in the late 1990s. While every other auxiliary was having its regular meeting, Women United for Christ was having a Breast Cancer Awareness Meeting.

We were learning how to self-examine, ask questions, and feel for lumps in proper places. I remember the lump felt like a ‘rolling pea’.

Some years later and about three months after my routine mammogram, I felt that rolling pea on the side of my breast and under my arm.

My OBGYN did not think it was anything to worry about at the time but referred me to a specialist anyway.


I saw my first oncologist, then started Googling day and night. Of course, I wanted a second opinion, wasting time. We were taught to watch, fight, and pray. Time to gather the troops – or should I say posse.

Where is your magnificent 7, or in my case, around 27?

The head of my posse is Jesus Christ, and He had rams in the bushes, on the job, and everywhere for me.

I am thankful to have a loving family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors who were there for me all the time.

My two pastors and church family prayed with me. A special thanks to Dr. Charlotte Holiday and the late Sis. Erie Glass for their medical advice and support.

Cancer Awareness and Support

Cancer Is Not Necessarily a Death Sentence – YOU ARE GOING TO LIVE UNTIL YOU DIE.

I had cancer; cancer did not have me, because God had my back. I am a 20-year cancer survivor.

I think most cancer patients wonder if the Big C is going to come back.

And I am always singing, “I’ve settled the question, I’ve made my choice” and “I’m going up yonder to be with my Lord…But not now, Lord!” cause I know You are not through with me yet.

I need a little more time to pray, to love like I’ve never been hurt, and to dance like nobody’s watching.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I pray I don’t die in the winter.

Sis. Lizzie Sweat