If you’ve ever been confused as to what’s your purpose in this life, I pray that it will become clearer this day. Woman, why are you here? Most of us have gone through life not knowing why we are here, or to make it personal, “Why am I here?” It doesn’t seem as thou I have any physical talents that I can share or show someone. When we were little girls we probably dreamed of one day being a nurse, a doctor, a teacher or just to be a Mom and that’s ok. And yes. God has allowed some of us to achieve those dreams. But whether or not your dreams come true, there......

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Parents gave you life. The relationship between you and your parents can be one of the longest-lasting connections in a person’s life. Over the course of that relationship, it’s normal to feel a range of emotions, from anger and irritation to support and connection. There’s nothing worse than disrespectful children. Do you appreciate your parents? What do you do to show them your love and appreciation? 1. Learn From Their Lessons. Your parents are more experienced than you are as they have already lived a longer life than you. Therefore, they have a lot to say about the lessons they have learned on their way. Their rich experience can show you something you always miss......

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