It is the promotion of health and healing as part of the mission and ministry of a congregation to its members (adults, youth, and children) and the community it serves.

Programs of a Health & Wellness Ministry enable all the members of congregations to participate by whatever means they are able, in the service of others.

How are Health and Healing defined?

Health is wholeness – the integration of the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual aspects of our life so we have a sense of well-being.  The feeling that we are in harmony with ourselves, others, the environment, and God.

Healing is the process of striving for health and wholeness even when the curing of the disease may not occur.

What are some examples of ministries that help people move towards holistic health?

Activities vary from congregation to congregation, and from time to time within a congregation based on the gifts and needs of the congregation and the community it serves.

Some general categories with examples are:

  • Health Education – information and resources in church publications, on a table or bulletin board, presentations that provide information on healthy choices.
  • Spiritual practices for health and healing – labyrinth walking, yoga, music therapy, etc.
  • Healing Services – on a regular basis or to meet specific needs
  • Group Activities – for walking, book study, prayer. meditation, exercise, fellowship.
  • Visitation – to those who are homebound, in residential facilities, or live lonely lives.
  • Transportation – to church or medical appointments.
  • Meals – during times of turmoil, grieving, or emergency.
  • Prayer shawl knitters and other crafters create items that offer comfort.
  • Meeting space – for groups such as cancer survivors, spousal caregivers, grief support, AA, NA, flu clinics, blood drives, etc.
  • Community outreach – Soup kitchens, food pantries, clothing closets, medical equipment exchange