About Us


70 Years of Preaching Consistency

Weekly Schedule


8 am – Early Morning Service

9:30 am – Sunday School

11:00 am – Morning Worship Service

5:00 pm – 1st Sunday of the Month – Baptism and the Observance of the Lord’s Supper


6:00 pm – Bible Study @ Haverstock Hill Apts.
7415 Aldine Bender Rd


6:00 pm -Little Folks Choir rehearsal

7:00 pm- “Hour of Power”


12 noon – Prayer Meeting

7:00 pm – Wellness Meeting

7:00 pm – Young Adults Rehearsal

8:00 pm – Mass Choir Rehearsal


7:30 pm – Teacher’s Meeting

The Church Vision

To share our experiences with the world of HE that is Sovereign, HE that is Supreme and HE that is Supernatural and testifying that HE still performs the Spectacular!

Church Mission

When we Love GOD we Worship, When we LovePeople we Witness and When we Love our Church We Work!

Our Values

The Holy Bible is our guide and the Church is our symposium. We believe that no matter where life may lead us that we do not go alone for we know that the Holy Spirit is Paraclete. “He shall give you another Comforter, that He may be abide with you forever”. (John 14;16-18 KJV)